Newborn & Pediatrics

Exceptional Newborn and Pediatric Provider
in Sweetwater County

Establishing Good Health for Your Child
The first few years of your child’s life can make a difference on his or her lifelong health. To ensure that your child hits all of the important developmental milestones, come to Hunter Family Medical Clinic for well-child and for any worrisome health concerns.

Birth Through
Teenage Years

At Hunter Family Medical Clinic, we offer our services for children of all ages, making it easy for you to bring your whole family to one primary care provider. Whether you need a provider for your newborn baby or your teenager, consider us your go-to health care professionals.

Connect With
Your Provider

We want you to feel comfortable with us as we assist you with your child’s health care and developmental needs. Our providers and nurses are happy to answer any questions you may have as your child grows.

Services We Offer

Our providers perform diagnostic tests, immunizations, treatments, therapies and medications to help your child feel healthy and strong. We also treat and counsel children and parents regarding diet, hygiene, disease prevention, injury, acute and chronic health concerns and psychological and developmental growth.